June 2016 Update: Book 1 of the Battlemage Trilogy

Dear Readers,

It has been some significant time since I last provided you with an update.  For several months, due to difficult personal circumstances, my writing tapered off while I was dealing with other matters.  Following that, I just did not feel enthused about finishing The Black Crystal, largely due to the constrictions placed upon the characters due to the ‘prequel’ elements of the book that had to tie into The Nemedian Trilogy.  The story was no longer organic and the characters seemed to be gasping for air and forced along paths which made the process of the story seemed strained.

Having tried (and failed) to feel satisfied with what I’ve written, I’ve decided that (at least for now) that the old characters (Alexon in particular) must be laid to rest and an entirely new adventure brought to life.

As such, it is with a happy heart that I can announce that work is commencing on Book 1 of a new Battlemage Trilogy.  The first book is entitled ‘The Golden Wizard’ and it will have many of the beloved races that so many of you enjoy, including Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, the Hesparin, Vampires, but this time, one of the main characters will be a Knight.

More on this later this year.  As the story is (finally) back to being an organic one, I am looking forward to finding out what happens in their adventures, just as much as you are and my enjoyment of writing has returned.

More news soon.

Warm Regards,




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