October 2015 Update

Dear Readers,

As nearly a year has passed since the publication of the final book of The Nemedian Trilogy, I thought that you might appreciate an update regarding progress of The Black Crystal. Although this is a notably darker standalone fantasy book, due to its main character being Alexon, I am happy to report that it retains elements of humor which some of the other characters ‘have forced upon me’ with their irrepressible natures.  It seems that they are dictating the story, but there is no change there.  Therefore, their adventures will hopefully satisfy many different types of reader interests, including those with a penchant for blood thirsty battles or even those who like to dabble in elements of romance.

However, I have an admission to make, (well two actually). It may have to do with the tone of this new book being slightly darker, but it may also have to do with me, the author wanting to creatively ‘branch out’.  These past few months, I have been writing two books.  This second is in a different genre, specifically, the Murder Mystery genre with a  character that possesses a paranormal ability.  This work will be under a different author pen name and is planned to be published in 2017.  As such, the work on The Black Crystal fantasy book will take longer than originally planned.

Now don’t be too concerned about the wait.  The Black Crystal is planned to be published sometime in 2016 and you can be assured that it will be crafted as the best work that the author has ever offered.  I care about its characters and I am adamant that it will not be rushed. You, my readers, deserve nothing less. Please rest assured that I will keep you provided with updates on this blog along the way.

Warmest Regards,



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