Chapter Two (teeny snippet) – a bit of humor

Because I just feel like it…I have decided to add a brief snippet of Chapter Two.  I won’t make a habit of doing this, but it’s just one of those days where I felt like sharing a smile.

Best Wishes


Relic monstrance in the form of skull and sword, symbol of the Society of Mauricius. From Lucas Cranach the Elder's Heiligthums Buch, Wittemberg, 1509


Friend or Foe?

Anarilla’s disapproving gaze remained fixed upon the young Dragonling.  It had yet again, decided to ignore her and this time she would not stand for it. She waved an angry finger at it as it peeked back up at her, bulging out the side of its mouth as it did so in that irritatingly cute way that it would do, when it was assessing her mood.

Her once prestine, golden threaded curtains were now nothing more than blackened rags.  She had been fortunate enough to have been able to put the fire out quickly to avoid her house burning down, but her curtains were beyond saving.  Anarilla knew that the Dragonling had not acted out of malice.  At barely over sixty years of age, it was still essentially a baby and was just doing what came to it naturally, namely experimenting with its newfound ability to breathe fire.

“Outside with you!” she said in as stern a voice as she could muster as its little face blinked up at her.

Well, its face was not actually so little and neither was its body. It already stood at almost chest height to her and it probably weighed more than four hundred pounds. But still, at least in Dragon terms, it was very small.

The Dragonling promptly grinned at her, realising that she was only feigning true anger and promptly stuck its tongue out and blew a raspberry at her before merrily scampering outside. Anarilla blinked at in surprise and could not refrain a brief chortle as she watched it proceed to swiftly cremate a nearby wild flower, shrieking in delight as it did so.  She would have to find a way to house the Dragonling in some sort of fireproof room.  It would mean of course, removing most of her beautiful Elven furnishings and replacing them with suitable items.  She would need to talk to old Borholt in the corner shop later that day she mused, he would have a good idea of what she could use.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed the approach of three men…  <END SNIPPET>


2 thoughts on “Chapter Two (teeny snippet) – a bit of humor”

  1. Not fair 😦 I need more!!! Cannot wait
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    1. It will take time my friend! I will send you and advanced copy or the very first published copy when it is edited and worth reading. I promise! Best Wishes, Jake 🙂

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