Tying up a Trilogy: A Mammoth Task

Well, I promised a quick update and the Trilogy throughout the time that it is being written so here goes:

The final book of the trilogy is currently over two thirds written, at least I think it is. However, that is now not necessarily the case.  The problem is tying up all the story arcs and enormous amount of detail which is actually proving to be quite a mammoth task. The book will be as long as it needs to be to ensure that it is a quality piece of work that leaves the reader entirely satisfied and it is looking to be longer than I had originally envisioned.

Sometimes I sit at my computer and say to myself ‘How can I ever finish this? There are so many adventures to write about!!’ then I realize that it is a sign that I am doing something right.  It means that the adventures and characters within it have great depth and richness and it is a sign that I am determined to offer the reader as detailed and fulfilling an end to the trilogy that I possibly can. Therefore, it may take longer than I originally thought to finish it as the book will be longer and take more time to write, but don’t worry it won’t take forever.

There are occasional moments when I feel slightly overwhelmed, but the story and my passion for it always means that overall, progress is strong and steady (barring the occasional writer’s block that occurs).  I’d rather have someone happy, having enjoyed a darn good yarn than offering them something mediocre.  I really do mean that, now I must get back to writing it.   It will definitely be out in the first half of 2015, but beyond that I am currently unsure as to when.



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