The Black Crystal

Hello everyone,

I just thought that you might be interested to learn that once in early 2015 when the Nemedian Trilogy comes to an end, that I will be releasing a short story about one of the main characters, Alexon.  Here, you will learn about his origins. Born at the time of the creation of the magical Kingdom of Nemedia and moulded by the Masters of Spellcraft, you will learn more about the reasons behind his decision to abandon his protection of The Dragon’s Cup and why he betrayed the Queen of the Fae.  You will learn also about the devastating consequences of his choices and the price that he had to pay for his ultimate salvation.  It is a rather dark story, but as in everything that I write, there is a thread of hope within it, but his journey will not be an easy one.  I hope that you like it and I would love to know your thoughts when it comes out.

Warm Regards,


Battle scene; from Johannes de Thwrocz, Chronica Hungarorum, Augsburg (Ratdolt) 1488



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