Update on the final book of the Nemedian Trilogy

Hello Folks,


I thought that you’d like to learn about my update on Book Three of the Nemedian Trilogy.  The Devil’s Mirror is (finally) progressing on very nicely.  It is being written with the same painstaking approach to perfection, line by line, paragraph by paragraph (sometimes many times over) before I proceed onto the next. However, the result will be (I believe) an extremely enjoyable book and satisfying conclusion to the Nemedian trilogy.  Progress these past few months has been significant. I will continue to work hard on it at every available opportunity and release it as soon as it’s ready. Please do not hesitate in the meantime to get in touch with me regarding your thoughts.  It’s always super to hear back from readers and I take your feedback very seriously.

Warm Regards,



5 thoughts on “Update on the final book of the Nemedian Trilogy”

  1. Awesome news Jake – cannot wait for the completed book. I just know that it will be of the same high quality than the others. Eagerly awaiting completion!!!!!!!!! Take care – Elsie Botes-Lashmar – Cape Town, South Africa

    1. Thanks Elsie! There is still some way to go on it, but progress has been quite significant and I shall now keep the momentum going. I hope that things are well for you in South Africa. It sounds like an awesome place to live. Do you have any Dragons in your garden yet?

      1. Yip 2 a small one (ice dragon) and then my castle protector which is a beauty! Hoping to find some more ceramic ones to paint Will keep you updated 🙂

    1. Glad you liked the last book and your insights were super. It made me really look at the book through the ‘political and cultural lens’ and you were totally right. I shall let both you and Elsie know when book three is complete and release it for a short 24 hour period, so you can download it for free. My thanks for your patience, continued support and comradeship. Out of all three, it is the third that I value the most. I will do my utmost to make sure that the final book offers an entertaining and fulfilling ending to the trilogy.

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