Everybody say ahhh….

Well, spring is passing swiftly into summer and the little birds are busy raising their families.  Just today, I noticed with interest a tiny little brown bird kept swooping into a clematis that may parents have coaxed up the side of their garage with wooden criss-cross fencing.  It lays flat and pretty up a small section of the garage’s wall.  There is not much vegetation, but a decent clump of green around six feet up, that this little brown bird kept swooping inside.

Curiosity aroused, I moved towards it and peeked under the leaves, to find a set of deep brown eyes and a large yellow mouth closed, and silent, not moving as it stared down at me.  I suppose the little chick was acting on instinct, an ancient memory of the need to remain still in the presence of what could be danger.  Alarmed that I had disturbed a nest, I backed away. I also informed my parents not to venture near the garage for the next week – they had actually been gardening there all day and seen nothing.  As they had the garage doors open and gardening all day, that poor little chick would not have been fed by its parents, due to their proximity.  Luckily, it is a large chick (or nest of chicks!), so my finding it was actually a good thing as now we have all agreed to remain clear of the area while the parent birds finish fledging their brood

(This is a close approximation of what the chick looked like.  I didn’t linger long enough to take a picture!)

I find it amazing how we as humans are often surrounded by the most wonderful wildlife, sometimes just feet or mere inches away and we never know its there.  As I say, both my parents were there all day and regularly walk around their garden, yet they had no idea that this little family of birds were nested in this tiny clump of greenery by their garage wall. It’s so important to be aware of what is in your garden, so you do not disturb it, or accidentally cause harm by a lack of awareness of it being there with your behaviour.

It made me reflect today also (getting back to fantasy related matters), on what might be present in strange, new and exotic worlds, sometimes just feet or inches away from intrepid adventurers and explorers.  It’s a wonderful thing to mix experiences with writing, I really felt I’d done something positive and useful today, which is always a good thing and tomorrow and from now on until they fledge, those little bundles of fluff and feathers won’t be disturbed at mealtimes.  I am guessing, at the size and feathers of the baby bird I saw, that the little one will be flying free in less than a week.


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