Should Magic be Colour Coded?

It is a curious thing, magic.

When we were children, there were some of us at least, who had a favourite colour to use to represent it.  If we drew a wizard, we’d always choose either bright blue, yellow, green or red magic whereas our friends might opt for metallic colours such as gold, silver or bronze or something else entirely.


As the years rolled on, I began to develop a magical colour coding system.

For example, magic inside the kingdom of Nemedia is a bright, azure blue as its origins have been created by one of the Four Great Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

In comparison, magic on Earth has a more violet hue, derived from its more distant existence with the Fae peoples and the interaction with the physicality of Earth.  Then there is the magic on the third world that Ethan and his companions have just arrived at.  It will be different again and I will not reveal its colour, you can read about that in the final book of the trilogy.

For me, magic is not coded according to whether or not its user is ‘good or evil’ but according to the world in which it is used.  It offers a message within it about its function and purpose and the environment in which it is set.  The strongest and purest of all magic is white magic and it alone possesses the ability to change worlds.  After all, white light contains all the colours in the spectrum, you can see that every time you place a prism that splits the beams in sunlight, and so it is fitting that magic follows this rule of physics.

Writing fantasy books is an immense privilege and one that expands the mind and soul.  I still remember the days I used to reach for my blue crayons first and foremost, as I am a fan of azure blue, but increasingly, I find myself staring in wonderment at all the vast array of colours that are actually on offer as I consider the origins of which colour I shall choose next.


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