Concluding a Trilogy Adventure: Do you prefer happy Endings?

When the curtain draws to a close, when the journey of the companions comes to its ultimate conclusion, the author (and the reader) must ask themselves the question; do they prefer happy endings?  

Each (and every) time I ask myself this question, I always get the same answer.  Put simply, the answer is yes.  I like to complete a book (whether reading or writing one) and feel good.  I like to feel fulfilled, I like to smile and think to myself, ‘life is good, despite what it throws at us and we can win in the end’.  

Now don’t get me wrong.  This is not to say that I fill my world with pink, fluffy bunnies or angels on white clouds singing and clapping all day.  I want gritty realism along the way.  I want fear, betrayal, jealousy, wrath, greed, murder and some good fighting scenes with death and sadness.  I want to experience the range of emotions across the spectrum along with humour and happiness.  

What I am saying is, in any book or movie if I leave with a frown and empty feeling that life is rough and horrible, then ultimately I won’t enjoy the experience at all.  For those of you who enjoy good, rich storylines I refer you back to the drama of the Mass Effect RPG games series, where the main hero ‘snuffs it’ at the end.  I was so disappointed and angry it really ruined for me what was otherwise a superb trilogy of adventures.



Albert Bierstadt, Sunset in Yosemite Valley (1868)

Without ruining the ending of the Nemedian trilogy then, I can quite happily reveal that ‘when the sun sets’ upon this adventure, I want you to put down your kindle or your paperback and smile.  I want to leave you feeling fulfilled, not irritable or angry.  Yes, I like happy endings and have no problem in admitting that.  That is not to say that all the characters will ‘walk off into the sunset’, perhaps not all will, but yes, you will smile at the end.  At least, that will be my intention.


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