Draco Volans – Dragons are definitely real

They may be small, but Dragons are definitely real.  I’m sure that both you and I can think of several species of the lizard family that fit in this description well, but by far my most favourite is Draco Volans.


It’s commonly referred to as a flying Dragon.  It’s a tiny creature, not at all like those that are written about in fantasy books, averaging not much longer than nine inches (23 centimetres) from nose to tip.  But what sets it apart is that it can fly, well, more accurately glide and the distances are quite significant, often up to thirty feet, depending upon height above the ground in trees and atmospheric conditions, plus distances between trees. They are quite simply stunning, with wings that are brightly coloured on the underside in shades of red, orange and even blue dapples, spots and stripes.  They live in South East Asia and feed off insects.

Rather than ‘flying dragons’, due to their extraordinary colouring, I prefer to think of them as ‘fire dragons’.  Indeed, I believe that it is a more fitting name.  Whenever I come across such extraordinary creatures in the real world, it really gets me excited and reaffirms my love of dragons, both large and small, they certainly exist and I think that is brilliant.


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