Mythology and Hybrids

It is a curious thing that throughout history, there have been many strange that have been created in myth and legend.  Take, for example, the Satyr.


Satyr and Maid with Fruit Basket Peter Paul Rubens (1615)

Half man, half animal (goat), they have been depicted in a various guises, some of which have been rather naughty, and I am not showing those type of pictures here in this blog.

Consider also, Mermaids, Centaurs Fauns, Harpies and Sirens and the list of hybrids rapidly grows even longer.  There are dozens of others, lesser known creatures, but you don’t have to look far before you find them.  In more modern there are also a mix of human and animal or even human and alien hybrids!

I do wonder sometimes why there has been this ongoing fascination throughout the ages.  My best guess is that humans find their own forms  rather boring and allow their imaginations to run wild.  Although it doesn’t always happen, there is a strong preference for the human-half to be the ‘top half’. I suppose this makes sense, as a Mermaid with a fish head would look more like dinner than someone you would want to interact with.


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