The Influence of Dungeons and Dragons

For me, this is going back a number of years, but once (many MANY moons ago, my brother went to London and came back with some absolutely extraordinary and wonderful books from a little shop that was dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons fans), he bought himself some superb small fantasy creature figurines made out of lead as well as some Dungeon & Dragon books.


These books had me absolutely transfixed for literally months.  Do you remember ever playing/reading these books yourself?  They were the type of books where you would read about your adventurer and then come to a ‘crossroads’ in the book where it would say ‘Turn to Page 97 if you choose to go North or ‘Turn to Page 81 if you choose to go West’.  Similarly, it would have options for you to roll a dice and turn to specific pages on battles and decisions. based upon what the outcome of the roll was.  I loved these books.  They were so imaginative and it got me thinking.

These days, there are a handful of movies that give you alternative endings at the end of the DVD. I like that option.

I am a great fan of Role Playing Games on the XBOX 360 too.  Think of Dragon Age and the Mass Effect series and you will get what I mean.

This, in turn, has got me thinking about what type of options that I might think about once I complete the Nemedian trilogy.  Perhaps my future books will have some sort of option based endings or even key decisions with a number of alternative outcomes.  I like the thought of the reader getting involved in the story, so that it becomes THEIR ADVENTURE.


2 thoughts on “The Influence of Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. With your talent I will wait with baited breath! I remain your number 1 fan! Keep writing so that we can keep escaping to a wonderworld away from the everyday life and thank you for sharing your special talent Jake. From a sunny South Africa – Cape Town

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