Writing Distilleries – Words and Vodka Share Common Attributes



Writing is like working in a distillery.  Let us think of it as a vodka distillery, where a decent vodka has to be tripled filtered.  If it isn’t (at least) triple filtered, the drink you get will be murky and leave a sour taste in your mouth. 

When I write, first time around it is no good at all.  It is perfectly readable in itself, but it lacks life, colours are dead, conversations are flat.  The second time around it starts to become animated, yet there is something within it that just doesn’t excite me.  The third time round something happens. Blood becomes warm and red, the skies become cold and blue, food tastes moist and hot and battles quicken my heartbeat. Sometimes there is a fourth distillation, for typos and other things that are like little critters that hide in the grass. They are often very difficult, whether it’s a comma out of place, or whatever. Regardless, it’s important to strive for perfection and attempt to find all of them.

So, lets all celebrate triple distilled vodka. It is good to know that in other industries, time and care is taken to produce something that is as good as it can be.


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