It’s the Story that Matters



Stories.  As old as man (and woman) have lived upon the Earth.  In the earliest days, people painted their stories upon the walls of their caves and narrated them as they huddled around their campfires.  They talked of adventures that involved the spirits of the air, wind, earth and water, of animals, people and of battles of survival against seemingly insurmountable odds.

People have always loved stories.  That is why it is such a wonderful thing that nowadays they can be shared with an entire world.    We will all die one day  (often sooner than we want to or expect) so what we leave behind should be the very best that we can create. Books are (as we say in the UK) like Marmite.  Some people will love them and others will outright hate them.  This is the same with movies, animations, artwork and even down to the little things like strawberry jam.  Ultimately, when we all become a pile of dust and bones the story is what we leave behind.  That is why we must write it to the best of our abilities and we must never weaken with a ‘that’ll do’ attitude. After all, it’s the story that matters.


2 thoughts on “It’s the Story that Matters”

  1. I recently read a wonderful book called The Honey Thief which reminds us of just this, the importance of stories and passing them down through generations. The book is a collection of tales that are told orally by the Hazara people of Afghanistan and they are truly wonderful and we are fortunate that in a traditon where things are not written down, we have now able to read them and learn a little of their wisdom and insight.

    1. I totally agree. The written word is so important in keeping hold of the treasures of wisdom and stories from people’s ancestors. The Honey Thief sounds like a wonderful book and as you say, it’s so important that stories are captured and treasured for future generations to learn about and enjoy.

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