An update for those of you with a romantic leaning

Hello everybody,

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who have offered feedback on the first book.  I love to hear all feedback, good and bad that is constructive.  Some of you have expressed a wish to learn more about the convoluted romantic affiliations in the book, particularly between Ethan, Cara and Princess Talina and also between Ellaminva, Axcil and Vimaltan.


Without revealing too much, I want to put your minds at rest regarding a few matters.  I thought at the time that it would make a pleasant surprise in the second book, but it upset a few people, so lesson learned, I thought it would be nice to present this information in the blog.  Ethan is under the powerful spell of the Treaty, enacted when he closed the ‘first seal’ at the Throne of Vines.  This is why he rather swiftly switched his romantic interests, but very early on in the second book this is recognised and he finds the Talisman that protects him.  Indeed, the first saviour of Nemedia, Brid Clodagh failed to enact the ‘second seal’ (it is revealed) because she did not know of the dangers of the Treaty, and it is assumed that disaster ensued when the dark shadow of obsession with the second person upon which the Treaty between worlds became too strong.  It will all make great sense when you read it.  Therefore, Ethan is not ‘flighty’ in his emotional bond with Cara, he was just ‘under the influence’.

Finally, Axcil and Ellaminva are going very strong together as a couple in the second book, there are some lovely surprises.  Remember, Ellaminva is quite young, but you will find her maturing into someone quite magnificent in the second book, with Axcil at her side.  Hope this snippet is of interest.  I think I will close off more bits in the second novel, as I didn’t realise how attached you guys get to emotional relationships, so I will do this differently in the next work, which, by the way is progressing very nicely indeed.


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