When can you let go of a book and move onto the next one?

Having published Book One of the Nemedian Trilogy, I was wondering if I am unusual in having difficulty in ‘letting it go’ and moving onto the next one in the trilogy.  The trouble is, if you are really passionate about something, it is never perfect and you are always tempted to make changes to ‘fine tune’ it.  It could eventually become something that you never stop wanting to fine tune but when do you say that ‘enough is enough’?



This is probably a very difficult question to answer as each piece of work will differ, as will the number of people involved in reviewing your work or contributing to the final product. This can also include issues such as book covers and general artistry. To my mind, the most important thing is to listen to your ‘gut instinct’. It will tell you when you have something right and you will then feel the call of the characters beckon you forth to continue their story. Book Two is now underway, so that is certainly a good sign.


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