June 2016 Update: Book 1 of the Battlemage Trilogy

Dear Readers,

It has been some significant time since I last provided you with an update.  For several months, due to difficult personal circumstances, my writing tapered off while I was dealing with other matters.  Following that, I just did not feel enthused about finishing The Black Crystal, largely due to the constrictions placed upon the characters due to the ‘prequel’ elements of the book that had to tie into The Nemedian Trilogy.  The story was no longer organic and the characters seemed to be gasping for air and forced along paths which made the process of the story seemed strained.

Having tried (and failed) to feel satisfied with what I’ve written, I’ve decided that (at least for now) that the old characters (Alexon in particular) must be laid to rest and an entirely new adventure brought to life.

As such, it is with a happy heart that I can announce that work is commencing on Book 1 of a new Battlemage Trilogy.  The first book is entitled ‘The Golden Wizard’ and it will have many of the beloved races that so many of you enjoy, including Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, the Hesparin, Vampires, but this time, one of the main characters will be a Knight.

More on this later this year.  As the story is (finally) back to being an organic one, I am looking forward to finding out what happens in their adventures, just as much as you are and my enjoyment of writing has returned.

More news soon.

Warm Regards,





Dear Readers,

Just a quick update.  Due to being currently unwell, there will be an idefinite delay in the next book.  My current work circumstances have not changed and as a result, all work on the next book has for some time ceased.  I hope that the matter will be resolved with appropriate management.  I shall keep you updated and hope that you will retain your patience until it is resolved.

With much love,

Jake Adler

October 2015 Update

Dear Readers,

As nearly a year has passed since the publication of the final book of The Nemedian Trilogy, I thought that you might appreciate an update regarding progress of The Black Crystal. Although this is a notably darker standalone fantasy book, due to its main character being Alexon, I am happy to report that it retains elements of humor which some of the other characters ‘have forced upon me’ with their irrepressible natures.  It seems that they are dictating the story, but there is no change there.  Therefore, their adventures will hopefully satisfy many different types of reader interests, including those with a penchant for blood thirsty battles or even those who like to dabble in elements of romance.

However, I have an admission to make, (well two actually). It may have to do with the tone of this new book being slightly darker, but it may also have to do with me, the author wanting to creatively ‘branch out’.  These past few months, I have been writing two books.  This second is in a different genre, specifically, the Murder Mystery genre with a  character that possesses a paranormal ability.  This work will be under a different author pen name and is planned to be published in 2017.  As such, the work on The Black Crystal fantasy book will take longer than originally planned.

Now don’t be too concerned about the wait.  The Black Crystal is planned to be published sometime in 2016 and you can be assured that it will be crafted as the best work that the author has ever offered.  I care about its characters and I am adamant that it will not be rushed. You, my readers, deserve nothing less. Please rest assured that I will keep you provided with updates on this blog along the way.

Warmest Regards,


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: The Code of Honour

The Green Knight was a character featured in the classic fourteenth century poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and its derivative The Green Knight (c. 1500). The Green Knight arrived at King Arthur’s hall and asked any one of his knights to trade blows.  Gawain accepted this challenge and he was allowed to strike first. He decapitated the Green Knight, but this knight did not die,  he simply picked up his own head and told Gawain to meet him at the Green Chapel on New’s Years Day for his turn. Gawain eventually reaches a splendid castle where he meets its Lord, Bertilak de Hautdesert, and his beautiful wife, Also present is an ugly old croan with any name, but all visitors are well treated.  Gawain speaks of his New Year’s appointment at the Green Chapel and Bertilak explains that it is close by and proposes that Gawain remains as his guest at the castle until New Year’s Day arrives. Gawain gladly agrees. Bertilak proposes a trade, he will give Gawain whatever he catches while he goes out hunting, as long as Gawain does the same. Gawain accepts. Once Bertilak leaves, Lady Bertilak visits his bed chambers and attempts to seduce him, but gains only a kiss. When Bertilak returns, he offers Gawain a deer he has killed and Gawain returns him a kiss. The following day events repeat, but this time with Bertilak returning with a boar, which is exchanged for two kisses.  On the third day, the lady she offers Gawain a ring as a keepsake which he refuses, but pleads for him to instead take a girdle of green and gold silk which she claims can protect him from all harm. Knowing of what will happen to him at the Green Chapel, Gawain accepts it, and they exchange three kisses. That evening, Bertilak returns with a fox, which he exchanges with Gawain for the three kisses – but Gawain says nothing about the green sash.

On the allotted day, Sir Gawain departs for the Green Chapel with the sash around his waist. He finds the Green Knight sharpening an axe and bends his neck to receive his blow. At the first swing, Gawain flinches and the Green Knight berates him for it, but at the second swing, Gawain does not flinch; but again, the blow is withheld as he tests Gawain’s nerve. Angrily Gawain tells him to deliver his blow and so he does but only causing a small wound on his neck. The game is over and the Green Knight reveals himself to be Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert. magic. He explains that the old croan was actually sorceress Morgan, Arthur’s sister, who intended to test Arthur’s knights. Gawain is ashamed at his deception but Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert and he part on cordial terms. Gawain returns to Camelot wearing the sash as a token of his failure, but the Knights of the Round Table absolve him of his act and decide to henceforth wear a green sash in recognition of the lessons learnt by the adventure.

The West Wind: A Poem by William Cullen Bryant (1794 – 1878)


Beneath the forest’s skirts I rest,
Whose branching pines rise dark and high,
And hear the breezes of the West
Among the threaded foliage sigh.

Sweet Zephyr! why that sound of woe?
Is not thy home among the flowers?
Do not the bright June roses blow,
To meet thy kiss at morning hours?

And lo! thy glorious realm outspread—
Yon stretching valleys, green and gay,
And yon free hill-tops, o’er whose head
The loose white clouds are borne away.

And there the full broad river runs,
And many a fount wells fresh and sweet,
To cool thee when the mid-day suns
Have made thee faint beneath their heat.

Thou wind of joy, and youth, and love;
Spirit of the new-wakened year!
The sun in his blue realm above
Smooths a bright path when thou art here.

In lawns the murmuring bee is heard,
The wooing ring-dove in the shade;
On thy soft breath, the new-fledged bird
Takes wing, half happy, half afraid.

Ah! thou art like our wayward race;—
When not a shade of pain or ill
Dims the bright smile of Nature’s face,
Thou lovest to sigh and murmur still.

Chapter Two (teeny snippet) – a bit of humor

Because I just feel like it…I have decided to add a brief snippet of Chapter Two.  I won’t make a habit of doing this, but it’s just one of those days where I felt like sharing a smile.

Best Wishes


Relic monstrance in the form of skull and sword, symbol of the Society of Mauricius. From Lucas Cranach the Elder's Heiligthums Buch, Wittemberg, 1509


Friend or Foe?

Anarilla’s disapproving gaze remained fixed upon the young Dragonling.  It had yet again, decided to ignore her and this time she would not stand for it. She waved an angry finger at it as it peeked back up at her, bulging out the side of its mouth as it did so in that irritatingly cute way that it would do, when it was assessing her mood.

Her once prestine, golden threaded curtains were now nothing more than blackened rags.  She had been fortunate enough to have been able to put the fire out quickly to avoid her house burning down, but her curtains were beyond saving.  Anarilla knew that the Dragonling had not acted out of malice.  At barely over sixty years of age, it was still essentially a baby and was just doing what came to it naturally, namely experimenting with its newfound ability to breathe fire.

“Outside with you!” she said in as stern a voice as she could muster as its little face blinked up at her.

Well, its face was not actually so little and neither was its body. It already stood at almost chest height to her and it probably weighed more than four hundred pounds. But still, at least in Dragon terms, it was very small.

The Dragonling promptly grinned at her, realising that she was only feigning true anger and promptly stuck its tongue out and blew a raspberry at her before merrily scampering outside. Anarilla blinked at in surprise and could not refrain a brief chortle as she watched it proceed to swiftly cremate a nearby wild flower, shrieking in delight as it did so.  She would have to find a way to house the Dragonling in some sort of fireproof room.  It would mean of course, removing most of her beautiful Elven furnishings and replacing them with suitable items.  She would need to talk to old Borholt in the corner shop later that day she mused, he would have a good idea of what she could use.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed the approach of three men…  <END SNIPPET>